Hot Air Balloon Rides

Up, Up and Away..........................

Purchase early. We sold out last year!

Contact Air Ventures Hot Air Balloon Rides today to reserve your ride at the festival.
4 Flights to choose from.

Fri 6/13 6:00 PM
Sat 6/14 6:00 AM
Sat 6/14 6:00 PM
Sun 6/14 6:00 AM

Call 610-827-7208


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It's a wonderful experience. It is an adventure that's not part of a normal life.
A lot of people refer to it as a magic carpet. One of the nice things about
it is it makes the whole world look beautiful. You get up in the air and you're
floating along and everything looks perfect and serene and happy. You get to
see the magic of how people create the landscape, the way farmers design fields,
different colors of houses - it all looks like little miniatures, like you're playing
with toys. And then of course you're floating in the air. You don't feel any turbulence.

This is a not-for-profit event and the money from the ticket sales benefit our local community groups and cover the festival's expenses. We have scheduled many other activites and attractions in the event we have to cancel ballooning events due to inclement weather. Therefore, all ticket sales are final except for event cancellation. Information & weather updates will be posted on the website Home page during the event.

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