Refund Policy

No refunds if wind or weather is unsafe for balloons to inflate/fly and land safely, as per the parameters set by the FAA and the manufacturer of the aircraft. Furthermore each individual pilot has his or her parameters for safe flight. In the event of unsafe flight or possibility of unsafe flight the the event directors and pilots of the event have the safety of passengers and attendees in mind. THEIR DECISION STANDS. There will be NO REFUNDS ISSUED.


No shows forfeit flight.  Flights are transferable.  For special circumstances flights can be rescheduled with Air Ventures, LLC for a later date and location. You must contact us at least 72-hours before the purchased flight at 610 827 7208.

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We ask for your understanding if a flight must be cancelled due to weather. Prevailing weather and winds may postpone or delay ballooning. It's the Festival balloonmeister 's decision to determine if the larger parameters meet FAA requirements for safe balloon flight operations, but it's each Pilot's responsibility to determine whether it is safe to fly their own unique aircraft, equipment, given passengers and crew. The pilot’s decision is final. The pilots and committee will be just as disappointed as you and maybe even more because they know what you are missing!