kiki vodka

The Chester County Balloon Festival is both excited and happy to introduce a new sponsor. Kiki Vodka.


Kiki Vodka produces Pennsylvania’s smoothest premium, award-wining vodka.  Our spirits are gluten-free and certified vegan and kosher.  Kiki is best enjoyed at rooftop bars, beachside lounges, casual retreats with close friends, and in your favorite cocktail. you can find them in Pottstown and Hatfield.

Kiki responded to a call for action by repurposing their craft making of spirits to the production of hand sanitizer when storages arose due to Covid 19. a significant portion Has been already donated to hospitals, first responders and grocery store workers and they will provide hand sanitizer  to the heros, everyone of you at the 2020 Chester County balloon Festival. 

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We ask for your understanding if a flight must be cancelled due to weather. Prevailing weather and winds may postpone or delay ballooning. It's the Festival balloonmeister 's decision to determine if the larger parameters meet FAA requirements for safe balloon flight operations, but it's each Pilot's responsibility to determine whether it is safe to fly their own unique aircraft, equipment, given passengers and crew. The pilot’s decision is final. The pilots and committee will be just as disappointed as you and maybe even more because they know what you are missing!