We ask for your understanding if a flight must be cancelled due to weather. Prevailing weather and winds may postpone or delay ballooning. It's the Festival balloonmeister 's decision to determine if the larger parameters meet FAA requirements for safe balloon flight operations, but it's each Pilot's responsibility to determine whether it is safe to fly their own unique aircraft, equipment, given passengers and crew. The pilot’s decision is final. The pilots and committee will be just as disappointed as you and maybe even more because they know what you are missing!




We sell


Share an unforgetable experience with family and friends. The gift that will be talked about for generations. 

The ugly sweater is a real thing. Skip the revolving door of duplicate holiday gifts and money spent on things we don't need. Good memories we never have enough of and great memories are priceless.

Purchase tickets for friends and family to attend the Chester County Balloon Festival or a breath taking balloon ride and create memories that you'll talk about for years to come. The Chester County Balloon Festival is a non-profit organization with portions of the proceeds going to the Chester County Hero Fund and other local youth community groups.

Special pre-sale for the holidays!

On sale until 1/31/20

BONUS - FREE access to the festival

with balloon ride ticket purchase!

One Day Festival Passes. Valid any of the 3 days. 

$15 per Adult

$10 per Child (6-12yrs. old)
Under 6 yrs free.

Festival Hours

  • Friday, June 26, 2020 - 4 PM to 9 PM

  • Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 2 PM - 10 PM

  • Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 12 PM - 8PM

Balloon Flights

$225 for 5:30AM Flights
$250 for 6:30PM Flights

AM flights are the prettiest time of day to fly and can have the best photo opportunities. Last year flights were sold out. Don't miss your chance, buy your ticket(s) today!

Helicopter Rides

$60 per person

Balloon Rides
Helicopter Rides