Purchase General Admission Tickets

Purchase Festival Balloon Flights

You can purchase balloon flights from our local balloon flight company here. Any questions about flights at the festival please call (800) 826-6361.

If your party is 6 people or greater you maybe assigned to more then one balloon and balloon pilot, Limited avail for parties of 6-7 in one balloon. 

All passengers are asked to sign two release of liability waivers. One attached to your confirmation email and one from the pilot flying you at the event. We ask that you Claim responsibility for any health issues that would render this sport unadvised.

Due to insurance regulations, we are unable to fly pregnant women or any person with physical limitations that would render this form of entertainment unadvisable. Please, if you have any questions at all as to the advisability of a flight, feel free to discuss it with us.

It is important for us to know if there is anyone in your party weighing over 230 lbs. The balloon’s lift capabilities vary with outside temperature. Our knowledge of this will only serve to insure that we book the balloon properly and avoid potential unnecessary embarrassment.

Please note that there is an 4 ft. height requirement!