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Chester County Balloon Festival weekend offers valuable opportunities to engage with thousands and thousands of participants from a broad region including New York, Washington D.C., New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Our officials will work with you to develop a plan that will reach thousands of spectators over the 2 day festival. Your brand can also become connected with the highly engaged social networks of the Chester County Balloon Festival and supporting sponsors.


Please provide all the required details to apply for space at the 2022 Chester County Balloon Festival. Be sure to read the attached information sheet for additional details.

For a full overview of the vendor information including set up and regulations. Please download our PDF below.




10x10: $200

10x20: $350


10x10: $700

10x20: $800


10x20: $600


10x10: Free


10x10: $250

10x20: $400

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The undersigned hereby agrees to lease space at the 15th annual Chester County Balloon Festival. Alcoholic beverages, pets, weapons, firearms, unsafe articles, or articles that would offend the moral majority are prohibited from the premises. Rulings on questionable articles from the Board of Directors are final. You, as a vendor, agree to hold neither Chester County Balloon Festival, Steeple Chase Grounds, Air-Ventures, or Festival Staff and/or volunteers responsible for any damage or loss occurring to person or property during the period of this contract.

Upon approval from the Chester County Balloon Festival, I hereby agree to lease space for the purpose of selling the above noted products and/or services.

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